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Badgers Wild celebrates artworks made with nature in mind
"Brock the Badger" relates to the family name of the artist

The intrinsic philosophy and visual language responds to the poetry of the transcendental

The abstract sculptures offer an opportunity for thought and meditation, presenting something beyond an ordinary materiality

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  gestures of harmony encounter and connection  
  gestures of
new: gestures of harmony Gestures of Harmony

Balance, surprise, illusion and harmony.
A glimpse of the transcendental is a lasting feature of these sculptures. Individual and hand formed, each give a beautiful and lasting presence and ambience to their surroundings
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  encounter and connection
Encounter and connection

A meditation on the elements
A surprise encounter...

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  naked   The earth is made of sky  

Return to
the primal, the molecular origins of things, the earth, of matter and natural geometry infuse this workmore
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  The earth is made of sky
This earth is made of sky

The air, water and light upon the surface of the earth. Hands form clay and imagination turns it back to sky, and looks upwards. As a water feature this sculpture contains flowing water
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  suffolk pilon   magic of shells  
  suffolk pilon
Suffolk Pilon

The ordered distribution of pilons across the landscape suggested a organic and random energy, powerfully at work within themmore
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  magic of shells
The Magic of Shells

Seemingly simple yet perfect in their curves, even the humble garden snails home surprises and inspires with its eternal spiralingmore
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  unnatural components   snail city  
  unnatural components
Unnatural components

A fusing of forms that perhaps do not belong...more
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  snail city

Perhaps a pun, but as we stare at our computer tablets, a world of snails before me...In this sculpture they come to life...
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  sky stones   exploding now    
  sky stones
Sky Stones

A developing collection
. Works inspired by the sky, its changing light and space, brought down to earth... more
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  exploding now series
Exploding Now

series was inspired by
reading and thinking about ideas and philosophy of the 'present moment', the This potentially mystical connection with the 'now' more
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  between land and sky  motion of stillness    
  between land and sky
Between land and sky

A gesture of harmony
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  motion of stillness
Motion of Stillness

Meditation requires a stillness but in achieving that to any degree, there is also motion!more
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  photoghraphy photoghraphy
  photoghraphy photoghraphy

Digital Film 

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Title: Aldeburgh Car 2014   more



Just sitting on still rock
With vast skies above
to stars beyond
touching all distant horizons

breathe this breath
and filter thought
through shifting rhythms

this moment of time
takes shape beyond all words

silent sensing of forms
from the presence of spaces
that manifest within

And in this sense
on still rock
quietly reaches
and touches
every thing

© Chris 2014

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Work is in progress


Fine Art illustration work is being undertaken

  Interactive Digital        

Experimental interactive works in Adobe Director and Flash are in development

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