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May 01 2021   Sign the Petition now!

JUST SAY NO to ALL car headlights being on during the day


End the modern madness now!

Feb 03 2021  

Today..... I gave the carrot a donkey

Well. I did. I had a video of it and its now no more! The donkey wooooofed down the carrot and then tried to eat my phone. You will just have to belive me! it was great :-)

Feb 02 2021  

Three entries for today, busy busy busy!

Change the Record!!!
I must stop singing 'happy birthday' when I wash my hands, how did that happen? b******s!

The epitomy of Sadness 2021 !
Watching hungry blackbirds peck for worms on an artificial lawn!
I feel for them.

The epitomy of Horribleness
Living rooms with flourescent strip lights or full on bright LED lighting, with the most enormous black flat screen TV dominating the wall and room. HELL ON EARTH! sucked into the hole.

Jan 23 2021   Have you found the '3 pebbles' on bandcamp !?!?!

"This is a collection of 3 pebbles for 2021, a folk song, a meditative audio story and an audio story for inspiration and encouragement

This project presents different dimensions of my creativity, as I continue to explore themes of wellbeing, stillness, imagination, humour and transcendence"


Jan 18 2021  

A sing along folk song for 2021

Inspired by the dances of the morris men:-)

Keep those covid blues away!

Better mix(1) is here:



Jan 16 2021  

Critical Breaking Health News January 2021

I've been undertaking some very extensive research over the last few years and have progressed even further in the last few months so as to finalise my findings.

I am now publishing my astonishing results here for your life changing benefit.

Green and Blacks milk chocolate is excellent for your health, well being and immune system. It's very healing and tastes 
super super yum yum

I've forwarded my detailed results and copius empty wrappers and packets to Public Health England, and the World Health Organisation for their pandemical research.

I believe its worth a try :-)

Jan 15 2021   Was it a sign, or what?

Some kind person had left a rather swish looking shiny silver metal ironing board, fully erected, as a gift to someone unknown, outside their house. "free".
Well, I thought, I haven't got one so considered if i'd find it handy. A quick decsion was made. "No". I continued cycling and within moments at another house several doors up was placed an electric iron!.......still a "No" I thought!
I continued my cycling, and within moments, a clothes air dryer was freely offered! What is this I thought! I returned home to put the kettle on, happy with my decision to not "freely" buy into the 'ironing' possibility!. Did I make the right decision?, only time will tell.

Jan 08 2021   The joys of covid lockdown (part 1 of several)

Taking out a flask and drinking a piping hot cup of tea.
With Christmas shortcake biscuits.
On a quiet elevated bank watching the sun set.
OOOhhh, La De Dah it was !

Dec 16th 2020   Ode to loving life!

Very interesting article and Podcast (BY:

Escaping the logic of work
Labour and Desire at the End of Capitalism" on how the logic of labour dominates our lives, and how we might untangle ourselves

Oct 28 2020   Where covid isn't      (poem - by Chris Brock - copyright 2020)

I found a place where covid isn't
what a quiet place it be

I didnt wear a mask when I was there
because covid wasn't there

I was free and away from it all
so was very happy to be,
just right there

Beautifully calm, peaceful, happy, clear and bright
I can assure you,
it's still there

I noticed nature's movement,
all around me,
like water,
and I then drifted
with it

I've found a place where covid isn't
what a great place it be

It's still there

Sept 23rd 2020   Top Protection

Today I decided to protect an outdoor wooden garden chair by painting it with Truffle Oil. You have to bear in mind the truffle oil was out of date so I would not normally recommend this.

April 23rd 2020   Speaking Birds

When you might ask? Or where perhaps?
As the sun shines and I position my seat for optimum rays, I settle about 4ft no more from the garden standing bird table...Ive noticed the male and female blackbirds every year for years inhabit my garden from early spring. It is rare they come close. Normally 8-12 feet, and even then they are fidgity, and off as soon as they see you move.
Today I notice their flitting about from fence to bush and around and about. I am near the bird table, sitting. Im just soaking up some sun and gathering my random thoughts about the day and what I might do.........then the female blackbird lands into the bird table and is looking at me and pecking, and looking at me and pecking fiercely inside the bird table. I barely move but welcome her presence. I say to her...I will feed you but im not going to move cos you will fly off... I say this knowing that I hadnt put any food out. But it pecks and looks at me and pecks and looks at me. It then flys off. There is normally some seed dust; within the bird table floor that they love to peck at, but as I looked today there was absolutely nothing at all. Not a hint. It was totally gone.
So as the female blackbird had been pecking at the barren floor and then her beady eyes looking at me, and as she had taken a big risk to come and sit closer to me that ever before, she was saying...look are you gunna feed me or do I have to eat the wood of the bird table floor!... It was quite clear and obvious that she was speaking to me. And thankfully today, I listened and understood. .

April 22rd 2020   The most hated job in the world 2020

A bamboo farmer. Now, I dont know if there is such a thing and I know we all might like to eat bamboo shoots in a chinese meal, but my personal recommendation to everyone is to never plant bamboo in your garden. (But I give exception to pots) The joy of bamboo growing and them waving in the wind and bringing an exotic flourish to your garden is truly lovely. A beautiful and wonderful thing. And as you sleep, it will grow, and grow and grow. And given time, its incredible root system will burrow and tangle its way under and beyond where ever you thought it could. And suddenly as you truly enjoy its visual presence in whatever select spot you originally chose for it, one day your realise that at least some of it has to go. In fact you might realise that it all has to go. And with your extraordinary array of tools and probes and prods and levers you dig and attempt to shift the damn thing. It will cut you, and pierce you with its fierce hard as nail like shoots, hardened over the years. Its roots, so tangled and knotted require tools not yet made by mankind to deal with it. And as you hack away, inch by inch over hours, days, weeks, to remove a 3 foot clump, removing every last shred of its presence that is now scattered everywhere about you. You end up with hundred of bamboo canes that are sharp and hard and you become entirely sick of the damn thing in every respect. So my advice is simple. Never become a bamboo farmer.

April 1st 2020   It's a public inconvenience!

I refer to the closed toilet in my local park.

March 29th 2020   Introducing my new YOUTUBE video channel, this will be for both my artwork and music.

WildBadger Art and Music

March 25th 2020   The UK goverment has very sensibly enforced social isolation and social distancing due to Covid 19

......phewww, my hermit aspirations have at last been given the go-ahead!

6 DEC 2019   Say yes to Hibernation and no to led-lights!

As the dark days of december roll in with a familiar chill, having breakfast at lunchtime, means Im a long way from the optimistic warmth of a summers day. It feels hard to arise with a spring chicken feeling in ones step, hence the late breakfast! But as I drive into the dissapearing days light, and cloudy moody autumnal sky, it starts to feel entirely natural for me to want to hibernate. To shut down, to stay in, to huddle, to cuddle, to settle, into this mood of autumn. A slow reluctant slumping into the day.

The day is not lost but enjoyed with an acceptance of its pace. I resign to its pattern of light decending at 4pm, and meditate on its natural rhythm.

As I drive my car towards Cromer, my eyes are pierced by the harsh full beams of cars, new style LED headlamps close behind me and approaching in front of me. Bright and making incisions harshly through the dark, almost rudely and without sensitivity. Im hurried by these bright beams. Slow down, go away.

Its Autumn!

A time to be slower.

Colours of leaves changing each day like spectrums. They quietly celebrate this time of year.

Our natural human tendency might be, would be, could be, to empathise with natures gentle rhythm of autumn and to be still and come to rest with it.

as it is quietly actually suggesting this to us.

15 Nov 2019   SHHH, its brex--it, the national lobotomy (?)

2017 - 2019   JUST RESTING X

07 Feb 2017   Ok, so Ive had a long break! just uploaded 2 new digital film clips to film/digital film section. click here Recent time I have been exploring new ideas and music and collecting resources. All being well this will lead into new creative avenues. New hope etc  
04 June 2014   I did it! - New site live 2.40pm 4 june 2014 - probably have to tinker with it but that took quite an effort, and about 1000 cups of T.  
04 June 2014   The use of the word progress is interesting. Progress to me means treading more lightly and peacefully everywhere...are humans good at this...  
03 June 2014   Considering some of my below thoughts regarding land fill sites, I often do not bother buying new things. Yet, today, I bought something new and it broke in 20 mins. Thus returned to the shop. On further consideration i feel my philosophy is even more justified. When buying old, you are often rewarded with better quality components...and how much of that stuff is getting trashed because its 'old'. Not everything old is better but so much manufactured stuff does now wear out more quickly and individuals are ill skilled to repair, or have the inclination to repair things., Thus keeping you in the 'shop and spend' cycle and mindset.

How does any of this relate to art? well, its related to a social philosophy of 'things' and the human relationship to objects.
A sense of value...
02 June 2014  

I was thinking about this Blog. and I was thinking about the things I am going to write about.

The things that really matter to me ! well some of them.
My personal philosophy on stuff of importance

here is a list:

[1] waste and minimization of it
[2] the skills to reuse, recycle, find and utilize.
[3] Not buying new stuff.
[4] Mending and fixing stuff.
[5] And how, creative thinking is about the skill of seeing the use in stuff, ie 'waste' and how valuable this is. I mean, do we want to fill landfill sites with stuff that can be used by someone. Well we destroy good stuff everyday. People are so wasteful. Take a trip to your local civic amenity site and see peoples lack of imagination at work!

[6] This list is growing

01 June 2014   I lied about the new launch date as below. Website building can be tedious! and...slow...but I like slow don't I..!?  
13 May 2014   Well, I suppose a lot of peoples blogs don't get updated! But just to prove that wrong, I am returning here today to write an update. Thus to explain why the blog did not get updated for over 1 year !!
11 Feb 2013  

A very interesting perspective on the 'modern' mind and the quest for "peace of mind"....

The Philosophy of the Mind

In this special edition of Something Understood, Tibet's exiled Buddhist leader, the Dalai Lama, considers what we now know about the nature of the mind and how an understanding of the mind is important in everyday life.

He quotes from the teachings of Buddha and the work of the 11th century poet Milarepa, as well as the words of a Tibetan Prayer by Nagarjuna.

The quest for peace of mind is one of the great challenges of our day. Many of us find it easier to achieve than others, but what do the teachings of those cultures who try to embrace the mind's power have to say about our modern dilemma?

John McCarthy applies the Dalai Lama's thoughts to the western experience with additional readings from the American philosopher Daniel Dennett and the work of the ground-breaking neuroscientist V.S. Ramachandran.

The programme was recorded in the town of Leh in the Ladakh region of India.

22 Dec 2012  

The past is always the past.
The now is often the focus.
A Hyper Now.
Everything at your fingertips.
Even the past.

Through collections of digital images, sounds, emails, and texts. Never before has the past been so present.
But really our thoughts and energy about creating the future is whats truly in our hands.
We need it to be in our hands. We might feel like it isn't or that it isn't something we can control or shape.

But the future is what we need to shape.

The future for all not the just a self indulgent individual future.

We are part of that and our part in shaping this is vital.
We cant leave the shaping of the future to other entities proclaiming some power, or asserting their power over us.

We are the future.

Perhaps this focus on the Hyper moment, the importance of 'now', is a distraction from the need to be actively involved
in creating the future. One option is self indulgent, the other option is manifesting a collective empowerment for a
collective future and better world.

We need the intelligence of this vision and need to own that responsibility.

15 Dec 2012  

Will Self

"Digital Past"
Friday 14 December 2012

Will Self reflects on the effect of digital technology on his perception of the passage of time.
"Perhaps the reason I feel quite so liberated from the present while more and more attached,
not to the individually recalled 'good old days', but to a collectively attested and ever-present past,
is because the hard drive of my computer is overloaded with digital images of the places I've been
and the people I've met, all of them time-coded.. ?

8 Dec 2012   Just catching light, as you do!

28 Nov 2012   The French eat them, gardeners prefer to kill them. A special kind of perfection though!
25 Nov 2012  

Edmund de Waal - writer and ceramicist
Above is a link to BBC's desert Islands discs with Edmund
This was an interesting programme about ceramics and the creation of artifacts
and the importance of the sense of touch. It discussed in part, how touch, itself and the
importance of the aesthetic sense of touch is rarely noticed or discussed.

15 Nov 2012   Ever been inside a tree?
2 NOV 2012   Stop the Badger Cull and sign the petition
31 OCT 2012   Really nice sculpture at Waterloo park in Norwich. But can you find it?...
its worth looking for, a very nice piece of art hiding away
30 OCT 2012   Here goes, first blogette in the Blog! - A successful spend nothing day. So yes, spent nothing!
Had a photography walk, photos to be included in the ArtActions area of this website.
Amazing autumnal colours, inspired a poem called 'Quiet'.

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