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Story for the nation 2020 needs you
An uplifting project for children and everyone

Read, be inspired, create something and contribute

This original story (below) was written by Chris Brock whilst camping in a rain storm.

It hopes to inspire your imagination and ignite your spirit with potential.
The story is aimed at 4-10 year olds but should be read and enjoyed by everyone

Your creative contributions can be:

images, texts, poems, written works, photographs, drawings or any other formats and then emailed to: storyforthenation AT

*A prize to the value of £10 (gift voucher) will be sent to my favorite 3 contributions selected at end of project
*All successful contributors will be notified and your work(s) will be placed online here

*Help share this link on social media:

1. Read the story - click or scroll down the page to read

2. Listen to the story - a Youtube video will play

3. Submit your responses to the story to: storyforthenation AT

4. Educational ideas for using the story, for parents to consider - click or scroll down page to read

5. Contributors gallery (Coming soon)

6. Full project and story credits

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Listen to the Story

If you have YouTube on your TV, you can search for 'WildBadger Arts and Music', locate the file 'Story for the nation' and the video/audio file can play through your TV.

Read the story here

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Educational aspects to consider

First read the story (below) or listen to the story (above), then:

You may have many different responses

Do you like drawing or writing or making a collage? Where are all those coloured pencils and crayons!

How do you experience or interpret the story?

What did you enjoy?

To stimulate a creative response to the story, you might like to consider..

What does Rainbow Brella Man actually look like?
Where did he come from?
Where does he go?
How did he make you feel?

What do the people at the festival look like, happy or sad ?

What does Mrs Popples look like? she wanted to cheer everyone up..
Is she a generous person?
Did her idea for a party actually have wheels?

What do other people in the story look like and what are they doing?
What does a wonderful garden party look like and what happens at it?
What happens when the rainstorm comes? (some people put cakes on their head!)

How big can Rainbow Brella Mans, umbrella be?
How can we uplift other spirits?
What uplifts your spirit?

perhaps you would enjoy reading the story to others?

Has this story inspired you to write your own imaginative story? Focusing on the different events in the story could inspire a drawing session, some writing or poetry, or other creative idea

It could help you to consider how to deal with the good or bad things that may happen in life.

It may encourage you to have a dialogue with others about how to deal with different situations that happen.

Just some ideas, but you are free and welcome to your own unique responses to the story...

Please share with others, better still, read it to them :-)

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Story for the Nation 2020

"The true story of RainbowBrellaMan"

In the town of Little Bottlesworth many people had become depressed.

They had listened every evening to the six oclock BBC news and slowly people felt the world was full of bad people doing bad things and nothing ever seemed to change.

People stayed in doors and some preferred to be alone because when people did meet with others all they ever talked about was the news!
It was a sad state of affairs.

Only some people had heard of RainbowBrellaMan, few believed in him, and even fewer had seen him. Some never believed he existed and just turned their noses up at the possibility, they just laughed and smirked when they heard his name.

Recently however, stories were being told of his presence and tales of what had happened when he appeared, some unbelieveable.

Incredibly these stories told how lives had been instantly changed and happiness had spread wherever and whenever he had appeared.

Some, who had never ever got out of their seats to dance or move their bodies, now found themselves dancing joyfully in the streets.

Who was this man?

If only he would come to Little Bottlesworth thought Local villager, Mrs Popple. She believed stories about RainbowBrellaMan, and whilst she had never ever seen him she hoped and believed one day she would.

One day when Mrs Popple was hanging out her washing an idea popped into her head to cheer up all the depressed people in the town. “I will have a party in my garden and invite everyone” and because she had a very very very large garden, it seemed her idea had wheels!

Posters got put up and word got around of Mrs Popples summer party.

She baked lots of tasty cakes and put up some tents for people to stay in and prepared a large barbeque. She invited all to camp for the night and encouraged people to sing and play music.

“Well, if im going to do it, then im going to do it properly” she thought.She hoped all the different people from the town would come and enjoy together, and hoped all would leave with their spirits lifted.

There was Harry Brown who rarely came out and was known as not very happy harry, but aparently he used to be an Opera singer!
There was Mrs Bright, who always seemed to look down at the floor even when the sun was shining.
There was Julie and Mike and there two children, and they never looked that happy and seemed to argue in the shopping centre quite a lot.

Well, really there was lots of people Mrs Popple really hoped would come.

When all was set and the great garden had been transformed into a beautiful and welcoming plot, everyone who had heard of the party felt a tinge of excitement and optimism about the special day.

Word had got around and Mrs Popples sat in her armchair the night before the big day and just thought, ‘Well Ive done all I can and now Im really looking forward to seeing everyones faces light up’ just like all the brightly coloured lights she had put up and down and round and round her pretty garden.

On the day, as the sounds of the barrel organ animated everyones ears people began to arrive, one by one, two by two and sometimes three by three or even more. Tents were put up and candyfloss and the spicy smells of barbeques filled the air.

Everyone came, even Harry Brown found a place to sit on his own.

Just as the atmosphere of people became as loud and vibrant as the barrel organ and the sizzling barbeque, there was a huge crash and bang and flash and the sound of everyone went almost silent in an instant.

A few people pointed upwards, and even Mrs Bright looked up from her seat and spilt her tea and started crying. And the rain fell, gushing, in torrents like there had never been rain before.

The rain was cold and the flashes of lightning scared the children, and the clouds were dark grey and the thunder rumbled in everyones tummy.

Mrs Popples once smiley face, had dropped, the barbeque had started smoking and she became wet through with the rain. And as she looked about her people were sopping wet and huddling together covering their heads with cakes and bags and anything they could find.

The rain fell like a winter waterfall upon everyone.

Mrs Popples felt depressed and started to cry, not that anyone could see this amongst the rain.

But then, she heard a voice “Look, whos that?”

And with the sound of a crashing cymbal, and out of the plumes of barbeque smoke, a figure had walked into the centre of the field, a very tall, slim man with a suit and tie and a walked with a hop and a skip and a little jump.

Mrs Popples rubbed the gushing water from her eyes and all she could hear was ‘look, look, look’ as people gazed towards the strange dancing man.

And this curious fiqure stood tall and seemed to grow, and this huge tent like stick seemed to rise up from his long hands and went up and up and up and up and up, over and above and up and up high up above his head, higher than all the trees and up above the whole field.

And in a flash of bright sparkly coloured lights and a very pleasant pop corn popping sound the most amazing and beautiful umbrella sprang out.

Its coloured folds unrolled and unraveled, bright and flourescent and shimmering, up above and over everyone. As everybody looked up at the most enormous umbrella they had ever seen, it filled the sky and stopped the rain.

People gazed from the umbrella to the man and back to the umbrella with their mouths open.

In the amazed quietness of the moment, a gentle and slightly giggling man hopped and jiggled and spoke.

‘Hello all, I'm RainbowBrellaMan, theres no time to get upset by rain you can all have a wondeful day whatever”

Mrs Popples giggled outloud in disbelief, not very happy harry started laughing and Mrs Bright had her hand outstretched and was walking towards him and now trying to shake RainbowBrellaMan's hand.

The silent people began to laugh and joke in amazement at this curious figure who was hopping on one leg and jiggling about as up above his wonderful umbrella the rain and lightning crashed and banged.

But this time the lightning just made all the umbrellas colours even brighter like a disco lights, flashing and all torrents of water flowed calmly off the umbrella and into the river nearby.

The whole garden party was covered by the most amazing umbrella, just like an enormous festival tent and RainbowBrellaMan just jiggled and hopped and shaked everyones hand as they came near him.

Those that spoke to him or shook his hand felt immediately uplited.

The barrel organ began rolling new songs and the sounds of corks started popping, and children were running around like cats and dogs with the cats and dogs.

Mrs Popples was dancing with a morris dancer and not so happy harry was laughing and dancing on his own amongst the flower bed.

Mrs Popples was so happy that all the people were happy and even more than that was knowing that her belief in RainbowBrellaMan had really come true.

Eveyone now believed in and danced and sang with RainbowBrellaMan whose umbrella twirled and twirled round and round all night into the very early hours when eveyone left and fell asleep in Mrs Popples garden.

And then quietly RainbowBrellaMan's umbrella slowly folded itself back into his walking stick and he left quietly from the sounds of snoring and giggling in the garden, and on to his next unknown appearance.

If you ever find yourself in any difficult situation, just remember to ask yourself, what would RainbowBrellaMan do?


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Original Story: "The true story of RainbowBrellaMan" conceived, written and recorded by Chris Brock 2019-2020 ©

With thanks to Guy Stevens whose image of the umbrellas I chose from a copyright free image source online

  Copyright Chris Brock 2019-2020 ©


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